Wine Cork Back-Splash

Project: Wine Cork Back Splash

POMP Rating: 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴

Factors Influencing Rating: This is a very easy project to do. 🌴 You don't need complicated tools, and you really can do it in an afternoon, no problem. 🌴 You will be able to enjoy looking back on special occasions if you label your wine corks! 🌴 The natural brown color of the corks adds warmth to your room and will go with anything you have on your counter top. 🌴

Tools and Supplies Needed

Lauan board to fit backsplash area (found at most home improvement stores).

Small screws to attach lauan board to wall.

Wine corks and/or framed pictures or art.

Black sharpie marker.

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.

The Project

If you have a small area like a coffee bar or wet bar, a wine cork back splash is a great little project to do! Because I didn't want to cover the entire back splash with wine corks, I used two framed pictures we bought on our honeymoon to break up the space. I simply centered the pictures with the sink at the wet bar, and attached them to the lauan board with hot glue.

The lauan board is simply a 1/4" thick board that can easily be cut to fit the space needed. I used this to attach the cork and pictures, because I did not want to permanently attach anything to the back of the wall. Once finished, we can easily remove the board and do something different at a later time. Also, if we ever move, I do not want to leave sentimental items behind, so this makes it easy to remove the whole board if we need to.

Attaching the Corks

It's easy, really. Simply use the hot glue gun to individually attach each cork to the lauan board until the space is filled. With mine, I worked from left to right and then went around the framed pictures. I had already pre-selected which sentimental corks I wanted to use, so I separated them from the rest, then placed them on the board randomly. I recommend using a black sharpie or a ball-point pen to mark your wine corks with memories.

Once the entire surface is covered, the lauan board can be screwed to the wall using the smallest screws that will work for your space. It is easy to pull the wine corks away from the board to screw the entire piece into place; simply use the glue gun to re-attach the wine cork over the screw to hide it.

Enjoy and Keep Adding

I get a lot of compliments on this little project, and we really enjoy seeing the memories and reminiscing. Some of our favorite labels are, Train Ride to Florence, Hurricane Matthew (a lot of drinking during that storm!), Caddo (for the lake house in Texas), and Hedges (last name of my best friend who came for a visit and shared a bottle with us). Of course, I love the watercolors that we bought in Venice on our honeymoon, and now I get to look at them every morning for coffee, and every evening for wine. When we label another special cork I simply replace a plain one. Have fun with this project, and send me pics of yours!

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