Top 10 Reasons To Take A Road Trip

Updated: May 30, 2020

At our favorite coffee shop in Savannah before heading out.

Ahhhhh, a good, long road trip! It’s one of my favorite things to do until we had a very bad car accident last summer. Today we headed out to Texas (a two day road trip) from Savannah. This is the same route we take a couple of times a year to go home. Some people would rather fly than be in the car two days to get home, but not me. The first half of our trip went great, and here’s my top 10 reasons why I still want to road-trip from time to time with my best friend, Marty Collins, aka, my husband. And, Jennifer – if you’re reading, you were the first road-trip partner. Remember all those trips to Florida from Texas? I bet you can remember the song we kept singing as well. Good memories, indeed.

#1 Relax – Just You And The Open Road

Whether you are alone, or with someone you love, a road trip can be very relaxing. When life is hectic and you’re running from appointment to appointment, over-scheduled, or whatever has you running in circles, the open road provides a great feeling of escape. You are literally driving away from all the things that can start to stress you out at home. With each passing mile you’ll feel that stress just dropping away into your rear view mirror.

#2 Get Into Deep Conversations

Today Marty and I got into a deep conversation about life – specifically about confidence. We went deep into philosophical conversation about being confident and facing life’s challenges. We talked about this for at least a couple of hours. How nice to have a meaningful conversation when normally we are too busy to talk about anything without being interrupted a million times.

#3 Sing LOUD to Songs on the Radio

We listened to Christmas music and sang as beautifully as we could, trying to sound like the artist on the radio. Then, we switched it over to an old country station and belted out old country songs we hadn’t heard in years – and we STILL knew every, single word. So. Much. Fun. Would we do this on an airplane? Nope. No, we would not.

#4 Discuss Everything That Needs Discussing About Your Kids

Since our kids are all almost grown, it’s fun for us to analyze their lives, their future lives, their decisions, etc. We did this today for at least an hour or so. Overall, we are very proud of all of them, and discussing them brings us closer together as a couple.

#5 Drive Straight Past The Accident Site and Gain Strength

“Do you want me to take a different route?” That’s what was offered me today by my husband as we got really close to the place where our truck left the road and we flipped helplessly into the woods about six months ago. I told him to just go the normal route, and if I freaked out we’d deal with it. I didn’t freak out. I was fine. It felt good.

#6 Getting Stronger and More Confident With Each Passing Mile

As we left the accident site and The Huddle House (see the blog on the accident if you don’t understand this part), we became more and more talkative. We even stopped at The Huddle House, which adjoins a convenience store. I stayed on the convenience store side, but I’ll admit, I did look for mangy cat. I didn’t see him, though. As we drove away, the singing of songs became louder and louder. It was great!

Yep, he's cute - and I told him so about 100 times today.

#7 Flirt With Each Other

Well, this is always fun. Yes, we would do this on a plane, but how many times did I tell Marty how cute he is today? Oh, you know, maybe 100. I think he liked it, too.

#8 Plan the Next Vacation

Where we will go on the next trip is still undecided, but it sure was fun talking about the possibilities.

#9 Marvel Over the Shitty Drivers

This was an oldie, but a goody. Trying to figure out if they were sleeping, texting, drinking, or just a shitty driver was something we did off and on all day long. I don’t know why but our stretch of drive through Alabama always provides interesting content.

Sunset over Alabama from the truck.

#10 Watch a Beautiful Sunset Together

No distractions, no interruptions. Just watching the sun go down through the truck window was blissful in it’s own way. Stay tuned…..what to do in Texas at Caddo Lake and Jefferson, Texas will be next. They are great places to visit!

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