Making Your Own Hanging Baskets

Updated: May 30, 2020

New hanging baskets courtesy of stuff growing in my flower bed uncontrollably.

Don't you just love a front porch with hanging baskets? I do! We use our front porch like an extension of our living area from the Spring through the Fall. Having lush ferns hanging from our porch gives the area so much beauty and charm. Every Christmas I take the hanging baskets down and move them to the back yard where they stay until after Winter is over. Sometimes they die if our Winter was harsh, but sometimes they make it. If they survive, I usually split them up and plant them in flower beds, or use them in pots for display on the back porch. I then buy new hanging baskets for the front porch and start the process all over again.

This Year: Free Ferns!!!!

As I prepared to purchase new ferns this year, I noticed in one of the flower beds that ferns were growing uncontrollably. No doubt, I'd planted them who knows how many years ago, and they were thriving (a little too much, actually).

As I started to pull them up one evening, I realized that I could just use them to make new hanging baskets, rather than buy them this year. So, off to the mall (aka, Home Depot) I went and purchased these great baskets with cocoa liners and one large bag of potting soil. Back at home the ferns pulled up very easily, by the roots, and I simply planted them in the new baskets. It's a win/win because the bed needed some attention and the ferns were out of control. I saved over $100 by doing this, and with our drip irrigation system in place, the hanging baskets will get automatically watered all season long. I predict by June I will be trimming them as they will spill over and hang down well below my porch railing like always.

Pretty porch railing adds to the charm.

Want More Information About Drip Irrigation or Porch Railing?

Check out my blog under the Design tab about how to install drip irrigation to keep your outside plants watered on a timer. It's also a great idea to actually turn the hanging baskets about once a week or so. This allows the sunlight to hit each side of the basket evenly, so you will have a fuller, more lush looking plant.

If you love the porch railing, I wrote about that as well, also in the Design section. Of course, some of these projects can cause marital problems, such as the drip irrigation AND the porch railing, so proceed with caution. Your front porch can be such a relaxing place to hang out with friends, have a drink, or take a nap. I've been known to solve World Problems on my front porch with friends.....turning ideas and issues over for hours as we enjoy the view.

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