Ghost Family DIY

Re-purpose Halloween costumes from years past.

I’ve always loved Halloween-especially when my son was younger and we could plan his costume.  I saved his costumes year after year until he no longer dressed up for Halloween.  I’ve never been able to part with them because they hold such fun memories from when he was a little boy, so I came up with this idea to re-use them in a fun Halloween yard decoration.  

Step 1: Create the Ghosts:

Create ghosts using a wooden stake and old sheets.

Creating a little ghost family to adorn your yard at Halloween is a cute idea that can be created very inexpensively. Basically, you need simple wooden stakes for the base, some old white sheets, some stuffing for the head, and some twine.  

Drive the stakes into the ground with a hammer, spacing them apart about 2-4 feet.  Use stuffing to create the head at the top of the stake.  I like to use old grocery bags to create a sort of “ball” and then just tie that onto the stake.  Next, simply dress the stake with a white sheet and secure the head with some twine or yarn to give it a separation from the ghost’s body.  I also like to tie the loose ends of each ghost together to make it look like they are holding hands. Usually, I blend the sizes of the stakes from longer to shorter to create different sized ghosts.  In the end it looks like a little family is walking together across my lawn!

Step 2: Dress the Ghosts!

Dress the ghosts in Halloween costumes!

Now, use the old Halloween costumes to dress the ghost family.  This is so much fun, and it brings back fond memories for me every year when I do it.  

I’ve had Darth Vader, a Firefighter, Hans Solo, a Viking, a Witch, a Skeleton, and even a Cowboy over the years! It’s easy to secure the masks on the ghost heads as long as they are large enough to fit the frame.  I’ve used a stapler in the past to secure heavier masks directly to the wooden stake so that they won’t blow off in the wind.  

A cute finishing touch is to give the ghosts a pail to carry for all the Halloween candy!  (Don’t forget to drill some small holes in the pails so that rain water won’t collect inside).  Enjoy this fun and inexpensive project, and send me your pics on Instagram @saltmarshandspurs.

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