DIY Project: Farmhouse Sink

I have been dreaming of a farmhouse sink in my kitchen for years, and I finally did it! There are so many choices in materials along with a wide price range so making a good choice can be stressful. This article will focus on things to consider to help you make the best decision for your kitchen.

Consider Your Style

When choosing a farmhouse sink, you need to consider the style you want for your kitchen. Going for an authentic farmhouse look? If so, you might want to try to find an old cast-iron sink at an architectural salvage store. They are more readily available than you might think! Is your taste more modern? You should look at the stainless steel options available in different finishes. If you like a classic all-white kitchen, a simple white porcelain sink would be a good choice, but remember that you will need to keep it clean.

If you are a serious cook and make frequent messes in the kitchen, you may want to consider a darker sink like mine, which is a stainless steel version finished in gunmetal. No matter which option you choose, the sink itself will become a focal point in your kitchen. Once installed, it demands attention mainly due to its size, depth, and striking bib apron front. It will not simply blend in with your cabinetry and counter tops, rather it will draw the eye to the sink and the faucet you choose to compliment it.

·Not sure what style faucet to choose? Keep it consistent with the style of your kitchen. Vintage kitchen, vintage style faucet. Try matching the faucet finish with your cabinetry hardware for a clean look.

Consider the Hidden Costs

So, you are not only purchasing a new sink, here. You are going to find that there are many hidden costs with this project. You can learn from my experience! Here are the biggest hidden expenses with this DIY:

The Garbage Disposer: You will need a new one. Everything has to come out for the installation, including your garbage disposer. In most cases it is not feasible to re-install an older garbage disposer, so get ready to purchase a new one.

Cabinet Doors: Your old cabinet doors under the sink will no longer fit once the new farmhouse sink is installed. You will need to have new doors made which are shorter to accommodate the bib apron on the front. These usually have to be custom built, so be prepared for this, and start pricing it out before you dive in to this DIY.


Counter tops: Your existing counter tops will be compromised during the installation. Be prepared to add on to or fix the damage to your counter tops after installation, or start fresh with something new.


Faucet: You will need a new faucet set-up. Most farmhouse sinks do not come with pre-drilled holes for a faucet, so the faucet assembly is installed directly into the counter top. Look for a faucet that will fit in the sometimes very tight space behind the sink.

Consider the Commitment

Once you realize the hidden costs and have a budget for your cabinetry and counter tops modification, you may want to take this opportunity to remodel your entire kitchen. I was able to get away with patching my new sink in with the existing cabinetry and counter tops, but it was not easy. I was surprised at how involved this project became, and my husband was less than pleased during the process.

This is not a quick and simple weekend DIY project. You want to make sure that whatever type of sink you choose you will be happy with for a very long time. Consider what kind of cook you are and how hard you are on your kitchen. Don’t purchase a bargain farmhouse sink made of plastic if you can avoid it. You are modifying many parts of your kitchen for this sink, so make sure you get a quality one that will hold up to years of wear and tear.

The benefits of ownership of a farmhouse sink in your kitchen far outweigh the pain of choosing and having one installed. The expense is definitely worth it, too! The sheer depth of this sink makes working in the kitchen simpler. Counter top clutter is cut down while cooking and cleaning because so much will fit inside. Hand-washing large pots and pans as well as working with fresh vegetables and/or flowers from the garden becomes easier due to the additional space. The style it adds and the timeless character for your kitchen are the icing on the cake. Surely you will wonder what you ever did without it once you’ve completed this project. As always, send me your questions via email and I'll be happy to offer advice and support!

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