Dining Room Update Cont. (I Found the Chairs!!)

New chairs made a HUGE impact.

Well, you guys know that last weekend I repainted the dining room and added some new drapery, among other things. If you didn't read that blog, check it out. There are lots of pictures! I said then that I felt the bench seating I had didn't quite do the room justice and that I'd be looking for some dressier chairs. I found them pretty quickly, and I'll tell you where I found them, how much I paid, etc. here in this update.

I've Had the Table & Benches Forever

My father in law built the bench seating about 12 years ago to match the farmhouse table, which is an antique. He did a fabulous job, and they've served us well. But, I needed a change so I was looking for something dressier. I also found a great use for the bench seating elsewhere in my house, so no trashing the benches! They are very nice and also a family heirloom because he made them.

The original bench seating.

Why I Went Cheap

In my former life I had more money to buy things - expensive things - for my house. Now, I have a budget and I've learned that you don't always need to buy the best, most high-end things for your house to make it look good. I try to spend money on higher quality items for my home if it is something we are going to use every day. This space, the formal dining room, is never used. As I said earlier, I fold my laundry here. Considering that, there is no reason that I could think of to spend money getting high-end chairs for this room. Plus, I have a cat that will most definitely be sharpening her claws here at some point. We never eat in here, so I didn't need to worry about food stains getting on the fabric and having to deal with that. I say consider how you are going to use the item, then decide if you need to spend big bucks. In this case, I went cheap - and for very good reasons.

Cheap Doesn't Have to Look Cheap

I found them quickly on Overstock.com and I paid roughly $68 per chair, including tax and shipping. They took some time to put together, but they feel sturdy. The nail head trim doesn't perfectly line up with the nail head trim on the chair next to it, but this isn't important to me - especially in this room.

I see this space as more of a "staging" need for furniture rather than a practical need. I don't need to worry about the chairs breaking from over-use, so they really just need to look pretty. They look expensive, and they totally class - up the space without being pretentious or overly formal. Perfect for what I need, and the price didn't kill me. Bonus: they look like they were custom made to match the drapery. #winning #designonadime #diningroomideas #designblogger #practicaldesign #simpleelegance #interiordesign #interiordecorating #coastaldesign #easyliving

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