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I was born and raised in Texas, but always longed for the ocean.  Living in the Low Country keeps me grounded with its spectacular scenery.  Driving over bridges, I enjoy views of the salt marshes that connect tiny islands while making a home for crabs, egrets, and such.  I love travel, sun, design, teaching, outdoor spaces, family, and food, and I believe school and education should be valued.   I love trying new things, and have a lifelong commitment to learning. It has taken many life experiences to have the wisdom to live life for my purpose, and to be passionate and positive about the ups and downs that are inevitable with work and family.

My career has led me to some interesting places and I have tried many things along the way.  I've enjoyed working at Sea World, being an American Airlines flight attendant, owning my own design business, entrepreneur, tile installer, painter, floral designer, landscape designer, writer, teacher, rental property owner, yoga instructor, SAT tutor, paralegal, business consultant, bookkeeping, animal trainer, life coaching, and most significantly - mother and wife.  Homemaking and design, teaching, being with family enjoying a great meal together, exchanging stories, and laughter are the best things in life and meant to be valued.  


Blogging Content:  DIY Projects for Home, Travel and School

I've always loved beautiful things I see in magazines, but I HAVE to watch my budget.  Read on to learn ways to make your home gorgeous without all the expense.

Traveling on a budget is also something I've learned how to do!  When I travel, I blog!  Creativity always comes into my classroom.  Explore the TEACHING MATERIALS section to view (and purchase) some of my favorite and most effective materials to supplement your instruction.  (Please excuse this section as currently "UNDER CONSTRUCTION")   Soon, it will be up and running!  Check back often for changes, and please follow me on Instagram @saltmarshandspurs.



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