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Hi!  I’m Julie Collins – welcome! 


I created Saltmarsh & Spurs to capture the stories and design ideas that are part of the fabric of my everyday life.  It all started with a family trip to Ireland that went awry.


My family and I  were on the “dream vacation” which took about a year to save for and plan.  That vacation turned into a trip to Disasterville almost as soon as the plane landed. Life is funny, not so funny sometimes, right?


To cope with my disappointment I blogged almost daily and posted my misery on social media.  As my sanity became questionable on that 3 week trip, I gained more followers.  Either people loved seeing me become unraveled, or they enjoyed the raw honesty of the situation.  Who knows, but many encouraged me to keep writing, so I created this blog.


I currently split my time between Georgia and South Carolina.  I'm involved in design work, landscaping, DIY how-to blogging, and I am a full-time teacher.   I'm always planning some type of remodeling project, and I’m still braving the travel bug that won’t let me stay home all the time (even during a pandemic).  I hope you enjoy reading, and learn how to do some fun, DIY projects of your own!  READ MORE...